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Katja Lindenberg Portrait

Katja Lindenberg

Katja Lindenberg has a 50-year history on campus. Originally from Ecuador, she moved to the U.S. for higher education. After completing her doctorate (Cornell University) and postdoctoral fellowship (University of Rochester) in physics, she joined UC San Diego in 1969. A founding faculty member of what is now Thurgood Marshall College, she rose through the ranks to serve as Chancellor’s Associates Endowed Chair in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. She also served on the UC’s Quinquennial Review Committee on Latino Research, the task force on founding of UC Merced and the search committee for the UC San Diego Chancellor (2011-12). An esteemed educator, she received the 2005 Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award and the UC Oliver Johnson Award. She retired in 2019, leaving a legacy that includes more than 400 publications and advocacy for raising the status of women and underrepresented minorities on campus, further demonstrating her extraordinary leadership.

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